Ferran Adria is certainly at the tippy top of the best chef lineup. However, his family cookbook, The Family Meal, Home Cooking with Ferran Adria, is anything but complicated. It came out several years ago, and it’s the collection of recipes for the staff meal that they made every day at El Bulli–but beyond recipes, […]


In happy news, I just realized I completely missed Food Allergy Awareness Week. Happy because that means Amelia’s allergies have become a part of our regular routine; a far cry from those early days after her diagnosis when I’d stare forlornly at the supermarket shelves cataloguing all the things we couldn’t cook and (true story) […]


I’m officially obsessed with Jenny Rosenstrach’s cookbook, Dinner A Love Story. After following her, and her husband Andy’s blog for a few years, I was insanely happy to find the book! After toting the book around with me for the past 2 weeks to every meeting, coffee shop, school car pickup line and grocery store, […]


Our friend Liana always has a cookbook on her counter that neither my husband or I have ever seen. This is especially surprising given that we both collect cookbooks. Last week she had this Vietnamese cookbook out, and she swears it isn’t difficult to cook from. We’re ordering it and will report back. But just […]


On long indoor winter weekends, we like to have some new cookbooks to look through and cook from. This kid cookbook is one of the first I’ve seen that is photographed, not illustrated, and is for the youth who really wants to cook, not just to make concoctions that an hour later are delicious treats […]


Frances Boswell, a former food writer and editor, co-wrote Food Adventures with her mother-in-law, Elisabeth Luard, back in 2006. It’s one of those books that I find something new in every time I pull it off the shelf. I’m partial to the “first aid” section, where they give great recipes for foods that help with […]

last canal

My husband first brought me back a Canal House Cooking book from a great cookbook store in Maine called Rabelais. I fell in love with the photography, the seasonal recipes, and the writing style. Written by two women who were (and still are) big-shots in the food magazine world, Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton now focus […]


I came across this book, Children’s Gastronomique: A Guide to Gourmet Cooking for Infants and Young People, at a used bookstore this fall. Definitive, comprehensive, and oh-so French, it was a best seller in France when it was published in 1968. Luckily, it was translated into English and still feels incredibly relevant. So much so, […]

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