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About 2 minutes ago my eldest child was born. Okay, maybe it was 3. But it doesn’t really matter, that exact number. What matters is it just happened. It truly just happened. A second after, my stepmother wisely said, “The days can be long, the years are so very very short.” I didn’t quite get […]


When facing a challenge in life where I feel unsteady on my feet, I remind myself of two things: 1. I am a mom. 2. I can do anything.*   OK, not technically anything. I cannot cartwheel.  It’s no longer happening. I also cannot speak another language, walk in high heels or swallow large pills. And […]

jon maksik portrait

The teacher, a slight humorless woman wearing a Guatemalan shawl, held her stringy hair back. With the other hand, she held up a piece of black craft paper covered with orange scraps. “This,” she said, “is the kind of developmentally appropriate project your children have participated in for the past two weeks.” It was our […]

liam bus

Today was Liam’s first day at his new school. And people are wondering “How will it go? Will he be nervous? Will he find playmates? Will he get lost?” But the question I was fixating on was “Will he kiss me at the bus stop?” Every school day for the last 2 years, Liam has […]


Few things in life are better than a simple pleasure: Fresh sheets on your bed. A toddler’s belly laugh. Peanut butter on a spoon. Using all your letters in a single turn in Scrabble. A glass of good champagne. Dancing like a goofball to Ice, Ice Baby. The little things, to me, are better than […]


About a year ago, my younger of our two sons started to reach a point where he was old enough for a real, interactive relationship with his brother, then five. An only child myself (actually, I have a grade-school-age half-sister, but in terms of upbringing I still think of myself that way), I began to […]

imaginary foe

When my son Beckett was three, he had a whole posse of imaginary friends: There was Bip and Lap, tween brothers who lived by themselves in a brick office building across the street. John, the imaginary butler, who spent most of his time in Paris and Chicago. There was Julie, a blue-faced blonde who lived […]


Before I was pregnant with my first son, or even trying, I had dreams of babies, boy babies in particular. Really visceral dreams of good witches in ballgowns surrounded by children in the empty urban moonlight; they would point to a small boy of about four. “Is that mine?” I would ask and they would […]


How to Make a Meat Pie, and Other Tales of the Ambitious Mother. Making a meat pie for your infant requires love, patience and every pot you own, but yields unexpected delights. First, broil a gorgeous piece of meat. It should cost the price of Italian shoes. Then gather fresh vegetables, about 60 different kinds. […]

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