We’ve posted this before, just wanted to share it again! When it comes to making art with kids I stick to two schools: the “no right or wrong way” kind and the “let’s keep it simple and inexpensive.” Especially when I’m feeling bold enough to set out a crafts project during a kids party, I […]


We saw this at the Weekapaug Inn in Rhode Island, and thought this was a clever idea for an outdoor party–be it a pool party, graduation, 4th of July. Buy several decanters, and put your hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and body lotion into them. Identify them by writing what they are in shells. If this is too […]

cheese fruit board

Our friend Liana has such an eye. We love the way she casually put this cheese and fruit board together. The strawberries were the real surprise here–and also, how they were as equally important as the cheese. So often fruit is just put out at the end of the meal, unless it’s a carrier (apple […]

bandanna napkins

Tom Scheerer is one of the most talented interior designers I know–he is the master of the high/low mix, and has impeccable taste. We’ve stayed in an apartment he rents out in Paris before, and when we do, we sometimes are lucky enough to get invited over to to his apartment. At one dinner, he […]

picnic indoors

Our dear friend Becky had a lovely dinner party the other night, and came up with this picnic riff to allow both adults and kids to have their own space. The adults were seated at the dining table in the adjacent room, and the kids sat around the picnic blanket, which had some candles from […]

banana pie

I always cringe when my husband starts off the conversation with, “You know what I’ve been craving?”  Inevitably it’s something like double stuffed Oreos, strawberry Jello, or chocolate milk.  Last week he uttered those dreaded words once again as I was heading out the door to the market. “What?” I asked, bracing myself. “Banana Pudding.” he replied. […]

kale salad

We know we’ve talked plenty about kale salads we love, but we had an epiphany last weekend, when we made (and dressed) our kale salad several hours before the guests arrived. There’s just something so nice about having nothing left to do when the guests arrive, except to serve the food. This salad just gets […]


I may be gluten intolerant, but I’m also intolerant to buying too many gluten free products, because I usualy find them to be too expensive, and not all that great. So when I do find something that is actually worth it (read: even the gluten lovers like it so nobody is compromising), I get very […]


My mother, an amazing cook would make these ribs when company came. I always thought it was too difficult to attempt.  But when my friends came to dinner I decided to give it a try! Preheat oven to 460. Marinade: Whole jar of Hoisin sauce 2 tbs soy sauce 3 tbs  honey 3 tbs sesame […]

spicy cucumbers

Our friend Liana is an amazing cook. Last week she made a Korean feast, and promised she would give us her recipes. We just had to share…they really aren’t as hard as you would think! Korean meals are always accompanied by banchan which are side dishes to complement the main dish. One of my favorites […]

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