Last week I stumbled upon a sweet little Australian cafe in Midtown East, called Little Collins. They had something called Smash Toast, which was an avocado and feta mash, on toast. Since I stay away from bread as much as possible, I asked if there was another way I could get it, and they offered […]

egg hummous

For years I have been eating hard-boiled eggs with hummus spooned on top, eaten in a hurry, often over the sink. Because I’m gluten-intolerant, it’s a challenge for me to find fast breakfast options, and this is a fast protein meal for sure. Just now I came up with a nicer way to get at […]


I always feel very incompetent around Easter. First of all, I can’t wrap my head around the Easter bunny, and what I’m supposed to be saying about that. And then I wait until the last minute to figure out our eggs/basket situation, by which time, I’m in just-get-it-done mode. So when someone at work showed […]


So sometimes we encourage our kids to play with their food. My 6 year old loves soft boiled eggs. Before I bought a couple of egg cups we used to cut up strips of construction paper for quick egg cup holders and everyone got to draw a face on their egg. (Then we cracked their […]

egg cutter

I found these scissors (for soft boiled eggs) in an antique store in Bethlehem, PA. I have never seen any like this, and now I’m obsessed with trying to find more to give as gifts. I have some modern ones, and they just don’t work as well (see how perfect the cut is on the […]


These are eggs we bought in England—check out the stamps on the eggs, and then the “stamp explanation” on the front of the container below. I like how specific it is…not just “free range” eggs, but barn vs. cage, the country of origin, and the producer’s i.d. number. Talk about easy to track down should […]

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