blt bacon

This weekend my husband came up with this version of a BLT. Using the inner leaves of some romaine lettuce as his base, he added in a stripe of mayo, then a thick piece of bacon, and chopped tomatoes on top. Let’s just say they went fast.

ricotta salad

Our friend Anna brought this amazing salad to a dinner party last weekend—it was so fantastic—we had to get the recipe from her. It’s from an Australian cookbook called Where the Heart Is, by Karen Martini. It’s such a good cookbook (Anna lent it to us) but it’s impossible to find (for less than an […]

lentil barley

It’s not the sexiest of dishes, but on a cold winter day, this lentil barley stew is what we’ve been craving.  With a fried or hard boiled egg on top and green salad on the side, it makes an easy, healthy, kid-friendly dinner and a great next-day lunch. Ingredients 1/2 cup of brown lentils 3/4 […]


This might be a no-duh for many of you, but here it goes: Whenever I am planning a dinner, I take pictures of recipes from my cookbooks so that when I go to the market, not only do I have my shopping list, but I also have a couple of backups in case I can’t […]


In our quest to find gluten-free options that the whole family will like, (even though I’m the only one who has the sensitivity,) we just discovered the stone-ground white grits from Trader Joe’s. What we all loved about them was their texture–so toothy–and the flavor was really good. Matt made them with just water and […]

Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 6.46

I read about—and promptly ordered—a new book called An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace in Tuesday’s New York Times (in the Science section of all places), and can’t wait for it to come. It’s by a chef named Tamar Adler whose basic premise is that cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. Since reading about the […]

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