egg hummous

For years I have been eating hard-boiled eggs with hummus spooned on top, eaten in a hurry, often over the sink. Because I’m gluten-intolerant, it’s a challenge for me to find fast breakfast options, and this is a fast protein meal for sure. Just now I came up with a nicer way to get at […]

eggs on kale

Last week I went to Sarabeth’s restaurant in NYC, and ordered this baby kale salad with scrambled eggs on top. It was perfection, and is my new favorite thing that I crave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Super easy, it was kale with some coarsely chopped almonds, roasted delicata squash, finely grated pecorino, and then […]

blt bacon

This weekend my husband came up with this version of a BLT. Using the inner leaves of some romaine lettuce as his base, he added in a stripe of mayo, then a thick piece of bacon, and chopped tomatoes on top. Let’s just say they went fast.


It’s still doesn’t quite feel like spring these past few weeks and last weekend when we were still trying to get warm after an early morning soccer game, we decided to make tomato soup and grilled cheese. We made this soup without cream by sauteeing a chopped onion, 2 carrots, 2 garlic cloves in olive […]

perfect bite

I’m always on the hunt for a gluten-free easy snack, that actually fills me up. We had some bacon leftover from breakfast, and I put a piece of it onto a slice of Kumato tomato (the only tomatoes I like in the winter that actually taste like a tomato–we get them at Trader Joe’s), and […]


After four decades of eating like teenage boys, we making some attempts to curb the carb intake in an attempt to be good. One of our favorite tricks is to turn a scrumptious sandwich favorite, such as the BLT, into a lettuce wrap protein setup. Simply wrap a piece of bacon and tomato with a […]


This afternoon, I was seeing all the signs of fall and winter, the foods, the trees changing color, wild turkeys in the backyard and I was especially inspired by the ingredients from our last CSK (community-supported kitchen) box of the season. Here is what I cooked for a late fall lunch for myself, my husband […]

broccoli soup

Our friend Ariel makes the most delicious broccoli soup which our daughter inhaled, and keeps asking for. When I asked her for the recipe she said she wings it every time, depending on how much she has on hand, but here’s her very loosey-goosey recipe: Ariel’s Broccoli Soup Sauté 1 chopped onion and 1 large […]


We’ve been bringing a bunch of hearty salads to work for lunch because of the limited takeout options in the neighborhood. Let me back up. We aren’t salad-for-lunch gals by nature. We are gals who can eat most men under the table. In fact, I finished my husband’s entree on our first date. I’m not […]


The best way to clear out a last gasp of summer fridge is to deconstruct: slice vegetables and meat thinly and lay them all out on a platter next to a side of greens. You can stretch a single leftover steak and zucchini, as shown here, among at least four people if you supplement with […]

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