potatoes mimi

Last summer we spent some time with our dear friend Mimi Thorisson (Manger blog, author of this book) in the Medoc region of France. We had a casual Sunday afternoon lunch at her friends’ house, and she made these amazing potatoes, which couldn’t be simpler. You just get the best quality little potatoes, cut them […]


Every Sunday afternoon I jump on Twitter to check in with a small group of super smart, cool moms I know and we chat about… batch cooking. It’s hot stuff, right? But what these moms know and I’ve learned is that somehow an hour spent making a couple of things on Sundays (muffins, tomato sauce, […]


In happy news, I just realized I completely missed Food Allergy Awareness Week. Happy because that means Amelia’s allergies have become a part of our regular routine; a far cry from those early days after her diagnosis when I’d stare forlornly at the supermarket shelves cataloguing all the things we couldn’t cook and (true story) […]


We had the most delicious lunch at Franny’s in Brooklyn today. The bucatini with sauteed ramps (wild spring onions), olive oil and breadcrumbs were delicious. This seems like an easy one to replicate with any spring onion. The ramps were particularly subtle, sweet and tender. Breadcrumbs gave the dish a nice bit of crunch, which […]


This fast stovetop recipe from Martha Stewart is a great way to make use of carrots that are just starting to get a little soft. I subbed in agave for honey, which was also delicious. Sauté 1-inch lengths of carrots for a couple of minutes in a bit of oil. Resist the urge to stir […]

best boulliabaisse

Our friend Liana makes this bouillabaisse, and it’s so good…and now it’s in our rotation. Here’s the recipe: Saute garlic and a Vidalia onion in olive oil. Add a can of crushed Italian plum tomatoes into the garlic and onion.  Add white wine— approx a cup or more if you like. If you have some fennel […]


We made this delicious striped bass last night, riffing off a Martha recipe that called for placing the fillet over a bed of fennel bulbs. Here we used a bed of scallions and garlic instead. Here’s what you do: douse scallions and two crushed garlic with about a half a cup of wine. Lay fish […]


Our friend Alex made these potato wedges this weekend, and they were amazing—he put smoked paprika on them, and that was what took them to a whole other level. Basically, all he did was cut up the potatoes, sprinkle a course salt, some olive oil, and some smoked paprika, and put them in the oven […]


I found this Gourmet chili recipe on Smitten Kitchen and have been craving it every since I made it a year ago. I didn’t do the biscuits, though they look delicious. Instead, I served with the usual grated cheddar, sour cream, and tortilla chips. There is something about the use of tomato sauce (instead of […]

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