sweet potato fries

Somehow, we have never bought the sweet potato frozen fries before, and I can’t believe what we have been missing out on all this time. I almost got in an argument with my daughter on slowing down on them so I could get a picture of them before they were all gone.


After the mildest of falls, the weather has done a quick about-face and out came the winter hats and mis-matched mittens (I swear I had full sets when I packed them up last March!) along with my trusty Dutch oven. It’s getting lots of action with a succession of one-pot meals like this one. This […]


This fast stovetop recipe from Martha Stewart is a great way to make use of carrots that are just starting to get a little soft. I subbed in agave for honey, which was also delicious. Sauté 1-inch lengths of carrots for a couple of minutes in a bit of oil. Resist the urge to stir […]

Gourmet Gardens (15)

Reader tip: “I always buy parsley for cooking, use a tiny bit of it, and then it wilts in my fridge. Also with my toddler clinging to me in the kitchen I’m kind of over washing and chopping it, at the moment. 

I just found this organic parsley paste at Fairway. It lasts for months! They have other fresh herb pastes, too.” […]

thai noodles

One of the hardest adjustments for our family after my daughter had her first severe reaction to peanuts was not being able to eat at the Thai restaurants we loved. The risk for cross-contamination is far too high to eat Thai food out, so I began making it at home.  Since we have family in Thailand I felt it important […]


I found this Gourmet chili recipe on Smitten Kitchen and have been craving it every since I made it a year ago. I didn’t do the biscuits, though they look delicious. Instead, I served with the usual grated cheddar, sour cream, and tortilla chips. There is something about the use of tomato sauce (instead of […]


Our friend and colleague Jen turned us onto this fantastic Greek Beef Stew recipe from a Gourmet cookbook. I didn’t put walnuts in my recipes because my kids aren’t fans. You can obviously doctor this up to their liking (feta and parsley for adults). This recipe is really forgiving–you toss everything together and the braising […]


My kids went crazy for these–they begged to have them on a bun in their lunch after having had them for dinner. The next day for grown-up lunch, we de-carbed them and ate these scrumptious little lamb burgers with a side of greens and a dollop of yogurt sauce. It felt warm and hearty, like […]

lentil barley

It’s not the sexiest of dishes, but on a cold winter day, this lentil barley stew is what we’ve been craving.  With a fried or hard boiled egg on top and green salad on the side, it makes an easy, healthy, kid-friendly dinner and a great next-day lunch. Ingredients 1/2 cup of brown lentils 3/4 […]

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