egg hummous

For years I have been eating hard-boiled eggs with hummus spooned on top, eaten in a hurry, often over the sink. Because I’m gluten-intolerant, it’s a challenge for me to find fast breakfast options, and this is a fast protein meal for sure. Just now I came up with a nicer way to get at […]

breakfast board

We love this breakfast board that chef/owner Camille Becerra serves at Navy, our new favorite restaurant in New York. Other than the hard boiled eggs (which she does just like we like them–not too hard boiled!), there is no cooking involved, so we’re thinking this would be a great moment to copy for weekend breakfasts […]

eggs on kale

Last week I went to Sarabeth’s restaurant in NYC, and ordered this baby kale salad with scrambled eggs on top. It was perfection, and is my new favorite thing that I crave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Super easy, it was kale with some coarsely chopped almonds, roasted delicata squash, finely grated pecorino, and then […]

blt bacon

This weekend my husband came up with this version of a BLT. Using the inner leaves of some romaine lettuce as his base, he added in a stripe of mayo, then a thick piece of bacon, and chopped tomatoes on top. Let’s just say they went fast.


When I was a kid, my mom used to make Dutch babies (they’re also called  German pancakes, Bismarcks, Dutch puffs and probably a few other names), and it always made breakfast feel special, fancy even, and we loved to sit by the oven peering in the window and watching as the flat batter puffed dramatically […]


My friend Eric is famous for his impressive Dutch Baby, which is a cross between a pancake and  a popover. He makes these for his kids on weekends and scores major oohs and ahhs from his own families and onlookers. He got the recipe from GQ, though the one below is from the blog React-Create. […]


We’ve all been there–we buy too much corn, and then have just two old ears left that we don’t want to toss, but don’t know what to do with them. This happened to us last week, and my husband made a corn gratin with it from a Jacques Pepin recipe. So easy. It’s a great […]


If you’re looking for some last minute inspiration for this weekend…check out the April issue of Martha Stewart Living–we did a story on two SF based families who made a beautiful Easter brunch, and an egg hunt in Golden Gate Park. The recipes come from Maria Sinskey, one of the families featured in the story—and […]

egg and salmon

A couple of Sundays ago we went for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants in Brooklyn, Prime Meats. We ordered the poached egg with smoked salmon on polenta, which was not only delicious, but a big exciting moment for me, since it has no gluten. The next day, my daughter asked me to make […]


We recently had brunch at our friends’ lovely home this weekend. It was a beautiful spread of bagels and lox and a big platter of gorgeous, golden “Danish” pancakes–both sweet and savory. I inhaled two filled with ham, cheese, and mushrooms as well as one with jam and sugar. Then they broke it to us: […]

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