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Our fashion director at Conde Nast Traveler is the lovely Sarah Meikle, and I think it’s pretty much every day that I ask her what she is wearing and where she got it. I bother asking because almost every time she tells me that something came from Top Shop, H&M, J Crew, Zara, etc. Meaning, […]


At a recent play date, a neighbor mom snapped this shot of our kids acting out a scene from ‘Frozen’ on their basement stage, which she decorated with holiday lights for extra ambiance. Considering the frequency of spontaneous dance parties and variety shows directed by my daughters, this is now on my wish list. If […]


Our friend Rachel had the cutest clutch the other night, which she told us her 9 year old daughter had made at a birthday party. It’s a duct tape clutch–which I didn’t realize was a thing–until I googled it, and found numerous instructional posts and videos on making them. I think the key is in […]


Next month, a really good friend is getting married (yay!). I took the opportunity to choose a really pretty yet hip and of course swirly dress for my five year-old-daughter, because, well, it seemed like the thing to do. The style is the Phoebe dress. Aside: please do not ask me what I am wearing […]


We ran into our friend Cynthia Rowley last night, and fell in love with her leggings, which she told us are pretty much like a Spanx/legging combo. They’re called bonded leggings—they’re thick enough to wear as a pant (not see-through at all) and warm enough for winter.


Our friend and colleague Jenny is a sensible shoe wearer. For her, comfort is king. So when we saw her wearing these sexy shoes all day long in the office, we had to believe her that they are truly comfortable (she swears it’s the wedge that makes them that way). They’re from the new line […]


Inspired by the post we did on Juliana Sohn’s awesome costume she made for her kindergartner’s play, another reader, Josephine Schiele, sent us this email and these pictures: “Okay, I have to contribute to the costume ideas that you have been posting. I am bragging a little. My son Rex has been wearing a costume […]

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Reader Winky Lewis, a photographer based in Maine, sent us in these pictures and this note, and we had to share it here. How awesome is her daughter’s home-made dress! “Have been at my desk for much of the day…. but for the brief photo session I had with my daughter when she showed up […]

Tutu Du Monde opener

I’ve often been asked for tutu recommendations–super special–beyond the typical ones that usually are super scratchy, or don’t have great shape (after being shoved to the bottom of the dress up bin). The tutus and dresses from Australian-based Tutu du Monde are perfect for a super special gift. They can most certainly be worn for […]


Last year my son changed his mind three times before deciding on being a mummy for Halloween. I did some internet research, which yielded all kinds of tea-stained muslin costumes. I went to the fabric store in pursuit of said muslin and mentally prepared myself for a mess of tea bags. I found instead very […]

lucy's shoes

The other night we were at an event and ran into Lucy Sykes, who was wearing the cutest wedges ever from Ann Taylor. I must admit I was expecting her to say they were something like Tabitha Simmons or some French designer. I just went online, and they are very marked down, so if you […]

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