My dear friend Mimi is very pregnant (due in June), and carries in the way that you can’t see it anywhere except in her big bump! (I certainly wasn’t so lucky.) When I was visiting her last week, she had the cutest black dress on, with tights and little ballet flats. She got it at […]

IMG_1745 (1)

Our fashion director at Conde Nast Traveler is the lovely Sarah Meikle, and I think it’s pretty much every day that I ask her what she is wearing and where she got it. I bother asking because almost every time she tells me that something came from Top Shop, H&M, J Crew, Zara, etc. Meaning, […]


Next month, a really good friend is getting married (yay!). I took the opportunity to choose a really pretty yet hip and of course swirly dress for my five year-old-daughter, because, well, it seemed like the thing to do. The style is the Phoebe dress. Aside: please do not ask me what I am wearing […]

dress opener

Almost everyday, someone in our office is wearing some perfect shirt, or dress, or jacket, that comes from Uniqlo, the Japanese based clothing store. Their things are basic, timeless, classic, and not expensive. And starting yesterday, they’re online! I haven’t thoroughly scoured their site to see if they have everything from the store, but they certainly […]


Do you know the movie Single White Female, where Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Hedra super creepily assumes the look/style/identity of Bridget Fonda’s Allie? Sometimes I think, There but for the grace of God go I because I will occasionally fixate on some piece of clothing in a friend’s closet, and scheme and machinate until I can somehow, someday–insert hideous cackling here, please–make […]

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