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My husband turned me on to this DIY site for kids…it’s a site where they can find their interest–from leatherworking to gymnastics, and everything in between…There are certain tasks listed, and when they accomplish them, they earn points. And then ultimately a patch. There’s a level that is free, and then one that is $9 […]


When it comes to making art with kids I stick to two schools: the “no right or wrong way” kind and the “let’s keep it simple and inexpensive.” Especially when I’m feeling bold enough to set out a crafts project during a kids party, I want it to be fun and generalized enough that no […]


For my daughter’s 9th birthday, I wanted to figure out an activity that would also work as a party favor, so I brought home some leftover supplies from a story we did at Martha Stewart Living, which was about clever updates on camp crafts. The girls made necklaces, and they were a huge hit…even their […]


This is a quick DIY fashion project to make use of any old fabrics, gift ribbons, and those odd buttons and beads floating around in your sewing kit or craft drawers. SUPPLIES Ribbon or strip of fabric (at least 20” long, and not more than 1” wide) Masking tape or a blunt needle with a […]


I’m a sucker for the layered worlds of dioramas and Joseph Cornell boxes. So when I happened upon the mini ecosystems with figurines held captive in glass created by Twig Terrariums, I couldn’t resist. Co-founders Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow specialize in what they describe as “the easily maintained, easily contained life”. The titles alone […]

walsh dining room

I met my friend Anna and her daughter Poppy at an early childhood family education class in Minneapolis when my daughter Mia was 6 months old. One day, in response to a bunch of first-time mom chatter surrounding sleep training and whether it was humane, Anna spoke up: “You know, after months of no sleep, […]


A nice bed can be really expensive. We faked a fancy looking bed by creating an extra wide upholstered headboard and hanging it using picture frame hardware on the wall behind the bed. This one happens to be tufted, but doesn’t need to be. You can wrap a piece of plywood (6-feet by 2 1/2 […]

bulletin board

I have a glass-fronted refrigerator, which everyone, including me, thinks is a terrible idea. My husband, who takes perverse pleasure in art directing condiments, begs to differ. What’s worse is a glass-fronted fridge means no logical place to put non-frameworthy kid art, invitations, and school reminders. When you are the child of immigrants, it is […]


This project was inspired by a quick drawbridge project we use to illustrate ‘tension’ in our buildings class. When I started to play with the materials, it transformed into this cereal box castle with the drawbridge rope doubling as a handle for closing and carrying. Supplies                   […]


My husband ordered an indigo dye kit so that he could transform a white denim coat that he found he never wore into a year-round staple. He turned his project into a Sunday afternoon activity for our daughter and her friend, who got to turn some old napkins and cut up t-shirts into head scarves. We made […]


I wish I were one of those moms with a well-stocked gift closet. Occasionally I chance on a great (read: cheap) gift idea that I’ll buy in bulk, but I almost never have good gift-wrapping paper–the last roll I picked up last-minute was a fluorescent paisley number that’s gender-inappropriate, ugly and  doesn’t ever seem to […]


My son Henry and his Uncle Gregg spent a good six months evolving their “Circus Train” series in a sketchbook. The contents of boxcar train became increasingly absurd and magical over time–from a classic giraffe to a climate controlled penguin car to a monkey in a rocket ship. One Saturday, Henry, Uncle Gregg, and Henry’s […]

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