From the Momfilter Archives: We are in love with Bloom, a fantastic housewares store in Sag Harbor, New York. Everything Mona Nerenberg (the owner) does is beautiful. There is always a perfect table setting–where the palette tends to be neutral. Take a page from Bloom’s book and use tiny vessels with a single stem of […]


This salsa sings summer. It reminds me of eating dinner outside on the patio with candles flickering just after sunset. On the menu: Grilled fish tacos. A warm corn tortilla stuffed with grilled tilapia, shredded cabbage, a scoop of guac, and a nice big spoonful of Pineapple Mango Salsa. It makes my mouth water just thinking […]


Our friend Becky has a side table in her dining room, and she always creates such a lovely still life on it. We love that she displays the ephemera she has found–from feathers to shells to favorite restaurant matchbooks–next to a bouquet of flowers, and always candles.

picnic indoors

Our dear friend Becky had a lovely dinner party the other night, and came up with this picnic riff to allow both adults and kids to have their own space. The adults were seated at the dining table in the adjacent room, and the kids sat around the picnic blanket, which had some candles from […]

crudite bar

Our friend Lisa Rubisch put together this easy crudite bar at her home when she was throwing a birthday party for her husband. They ordered from a great local BBQ spot, and in the morning she went to the farmer’s market, and picked up some great produce. We love how she put it in glass […]

ice cream spread

Our friend Liana always makes the most over-the-top meals, even on a Tuesday night. For dessert though, no matter if it’s a Sunday dinner for four, or a Friday night for 10, she just opens up the freezer and pulls out lots of pints of ice cream, and puts out spoons and small bowls. The […]

spicy cucumbers

Our friend Liana is an amazing cook. Last week she made a Korean feast, and promised she would give us her recipes. We just had to share…they really aren’t as hard as you would think! Korean meals are always accompanied by banchan which are side dishes to complement the main dish. One of my favorites […]


When our friend Ariel turned 40, she wanted a party at home, but she also wanted to be able to hang out with her 14 guests. Her solution: she ordered lasagne from a local and really good Italian deli, and then filled out the menu with charcuterie and homemade side dishes (fava bean puree, grilled […]


You’ll have to take our word for it that this chili is amazing, because the picture doesn’t do it any justice. It’s the kind that’s so good, that when we served it, every adult in the room (and we were a boisterous group with post-hurricane cabin fever) was silent for at least two minutes. We got […]

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