From the Momfilter Archives  My kids love baking Christmas cookies with me. Correction: they think they do. In fact, many traditional Christmas cookies involve dough that needs to be chilled, cut, chilled again before baking. Then there’s the waiting for the cookies to cool before they can do what they really want to do which […]


Ferran Adria is certainly at the tippy top of the best chef lineup. However, his family cookbook, The Family Meal, Home Cooking with Ferran Adria, is anything but complicated. It came out several years ago, and it’s the collection of recipes for the staff meal that they made every day at El Bulli–but beyond recipes, […]

lodge sec

The Lodge Griddle recently entered our kitchen and has spent little time off the stove. While it’s certainly great for the weekend feast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, we love it best these days for grilled cheese sandwiches. Though the seasoned cast iron makes the griddle quite heavy, its size allows us to cook up […]

picky eater

No one wants their kid to be a picky eater, not least of all a guy like me; I’ve basically built my entire adult life around food and drink. I’ve spent time preparing it, enjoying it, reading about it, sharing it, and writing about it. So when my son, Finn, came to town for Father’s […]


Here’s a gift you can stack up, comes with a gift card, is $39, and is made in the USA. We love these kid apron sets from Odette Williams, a mom based in Brooklyn, who is going to also be making them adult sizes soon. Let’s hope in time for this Mother’s and Father’s Day?! […]


We have a ton of kid cookbooks—many of them came from the good old Cookie Magazine days, when we were sent cookbooks to check out. But none of them are as brilliant in their set-up as this one we just found in a thrift store, Dinner’s Ready Mom, first published in 1986. I can’t speak […]


Perhaps, you have a young aspiring chef (I do). Perhaps, you’re encouraging of this ambition-slash-passion (I am). Your child may have big ideas, in terms of desired kitchen items. Mine wanted a pasta attachment for the Kitchen Aid, for example, one year, and a chef’s knife another. These are pricey desires. There is one thing […]

fairytale cook book

I found the My Fairytale Cook Book (published in the 70s) at a yard sale, and it’s so good. There are the stories most of us know, and at then at the end of the story, there’s a recipe to go with it. It’s such a nice present for a kid who loves to cook/play […]


Recently I saw a Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate cookie mix in the grocery store, and decided to give it a go. Although I’m gluten-free, this isn’t the kind of thing I would usually spring for, so I need to set this up that I was ready for it to fail. As we were putting the […]

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