One really nice thing about getting older, is, your friends get wiser. I have a very dear friend who is the creative director at Bon Appetit, which means, besides having a cool creative job, he also gets to learn a lot of kitchen tricks. When he and his family were visiting us one weekend, he chopped up all […]


Ferran Adria is certainly at the tippy top of the best chef lineup. However, his family cookbook, The Family Meal, Home Cooking with Ferran Adria, is anything but complicated. It came out several years ago, and it’s the collection of recipes for the staff meal that they made every day at El Bulli–but beyond recipes, […]

pink peppercorns

Not so many people have pink peppercorns in their pantry, and we think that should change. Besides being a different accent (the taste is bright and spicy but not too much) than black pepper, they can even be put whole into salads or on a cheese board. They smash easily so it isn’t like eating […]


Did you know…if you put a thumbprint in your burger, it will cook flat, rather than bowing in the middle. So it cooks more evenly throughout. Somehow, this is something I just learned from my husband, who has been doing this for years, and I never noticed ’til now.

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