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I’m so happy that the slip-on Van-like shoe is having a moment. After clocking them for the last couple of months, I finally bought these pony ones from Kenneth Cole, and I couldn’t be happier with them. I wore them our entire spring break, and with a ped, they make the most perfect travel shoe. […]

clark boot

Yesterday a friend of ours was wearing these suede boots, which assumed were Isabel Marant–but no, they are Clarks! She said they are super comfortable, and can even take an insert (for high arches–I guess it is hard to find shoes that can take those, and look good.) I just looked them up online and […]


Our friend Lindsay picked up these sneakers at H&M the other week, and we love the way they look. Perfect for jazzing up a pair of jeans without having to wear a heel. They’re $50 and you can buy them online if you don’t have an H&M near you. We haven’t heard how comfortable they […]

blundstone boots

This summer we brought you the Birkenstock alternative, so it only seems appropriate to also give you a winter version, the Blundstone. They’re not the most fashionable boot, but I found the plain black ones to be cute with leggings and a jacket during Fall/Winter. When you’re running out the door and need something comfortable and that’s […]

tom espadrilles

Our friend Jodi Levine had on these Tom’s—a style we hadn’t seen before. (They’re called the “bimini”.) She said they are super comfortable, and pointed out how you can adjust the fit in the back. While we can’t find the exact shoe online, here are some that are similar…this one for the color combo…and this […]

red deck shoes

We have had multiple friends ask us what they should wear in the summer…something good for traveling. I always say a Birkenstock, but some people just want a closed toe. The issues that have been presented include “I need something good for a short hike, going on the airplane, hoofing it around a town, something […]


The other day at work, our colleague Melissa was wearing this super cute pair of patent ballerina flats. When I asked her what they were, I was fully expecting to hear her say some very European label that I’d never heard of…but no, they are Fit Flops!!! Yes, the shoe that is designed to be […]


We love the Nike Free leather running shoe our friend Cynthia Rowley had on the other night. Unfortunately it seems like those were sold out a while ago, but when we looked at the Nike site, we found that you can get a version of them, and actually customize the color scheme. Pretty cool in […]

Merrell Before Photo

Yes it is nice to silently appreciate and value the reliable workhorse products we use on any (or every) given day, but one of my tasks today made me want to shout from the rooftops about my admiration for a product, a thing, a purchasable item, one of those old standbys that I buy again […]

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