fridge soup

We’ve written about the awesome Jacques Pepin Fridge Soup here before….but the last time, we really grated every single thing. Now we grate the hearty vegetables that would take a long time to cook, but add in more leafy spinach, or frozen–and then lots of grated, or shaved parm. It’s our favorite fall-back recipe during […]


I’m not quite sure why this chili recipe–an old Gourmet classic adapted by Smitten Kitchen–tastes so much better than so many other chili recipes I’ve tried, but  it just does. Maybe it’s the combination of the spices: healthy healthy heap of cumin makes all the difference, in combination with the usual suspects. Or maybe it’s […]


We rarely eat out – used to be because we lived too far from town, now it’s both financial and our routine. But my work schedule is hitting crazy level, with our first holiday at the store (General Store Paso Robles), and 11 hour days not unusual. I am still weirdly attached to cooking for […]


After the mildest of falls, the weather has done a quick about-face and out came the winter hats and mis-matched mittens (I swear I had full sets when I packed them up last March!) along with my trusty Dutch oven. It’s getting lots of action with a succession of one-pot meals like this one. This […]


It’s still doesn’t quite feel like spring these past few weeks and last weekend when we were still trying to get warm after an early morning soccer game, we decided to make tomato soup and grilled cheese. We made this soup without cream by sauteeing a chopped onion, 2 carrots, 2 garlic cloves in olive […]


This afternoon, I was seeing all the signs of fall and winter, the foods, the trees changing color, wild turkeys in the backyard and I was especially inspired by the ingredients from our last CSK (community-supported kitchen) box of the season. Here is what I cooked for a late fall lunch for myself, my husband […]

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