coffee milk

I discovered coffee milk on a trip to Rhode Island  last year…it’s actually their state drink! Basically, it’s a coffee syrup with lots of sugar in it, that you add to milk. There are all different kinds you can buy, but I think the best comes from Dave’s, a small craft coffee roaster and cafe, […]


When my son was born, I found myself making a quick transition from coffee-as-pleasure into coffee-as-fuel. I had, at one time, enjoyed the act of waking up, putting on a pot of water, prepping my french press, and at least quietly considering the day ahead. With baby, I no longer cared about the provenance of […]

french press

I love me a French press—the process, the way it looks, the taste…but I don’t love how it gets cold so fast. When I was at this great coffee shop called Topeca in Tulsa over the President’s Day weekend, I spotted these French presses for sale. A thermal insulated one that they call Desk Press […]

instant coffee

Yesterday I was at my brother’s house and asked if they had any coffee. He gave me an awkward smile and I was sure that meant they only had decaf. But no, it was because they are drinking this instant coffee, which they are in love with, but weren’t sure I would be into the […]


Our friend James from 10 Engines blog turned us on to this gadget that we would actually use…the Cuppow. It’s a BPA-free insert that turns any canning jar into a travel mug. What we didn’t really think about ’til we looked at the Cuppow site is that canning jars are heat-resistant. Add to that the […]


Like most things during the summer, my addiction to coffee relaxes a bit. Now that school is starting up and I’m forced to don the somewhat insane drill sergeant persona necessary to get the lunches made and the house relatively picked up and the kids and myself out of bed, dressed, fed and out the […]

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