Yolanda’s post on her new favorite, very refreshing, not-too-boozy summertime cocktail inspired me to make my first White Wine Mojito of the summer. It’s delicious and easy, especially if your generous neighbor down the block with the green thumb has tons of fresh mint growing in her garden. (This drink goes well with Thin Mints, […]


Our friend Geoffrey made this fantastic take on a margarita the other night. The combination of the juice with the jalapeno is so good, and the pineapple juice cuts the intensity of the lime, and adds in sweetness without having to add sugar or simple syrup. Easy to make in a large quantities. 1 part […]


We were recently at our friend Cindy’s house for her daughter Scout’s 1st birthday. Her friend Bu made these really refreshing wine cocktails, that were so great, not just because of the taste, but also because they were light enough to not hit you so hard over the head. And while we didn’t get to […]

dark and stormy

A perfect summer cocktail to put into your repertoire, as it’s super easy. All you need is Mount Gay Rum, Gosling Ginger Beer, and lime. Here we used a Rangpur lime, which is a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon—we love the way it looks in this drink! Fill the glass up with […]

margarita upgrade

We had dinner with some Texan friends this weekend, who love to make margaritas. We loved the way they served them–with a rim garnished with a little salt and honey. All you do is put a some salt and honey on a small plate, and after rubbing some lime on the rim of the glass, […]


We made martinis the other night using the peel of a Meyer lemon. It’s a little less tart than a regular lemon and oh so clean. Swish a bit of vermouth in the glass, rub the inside of the peel around the glass, drop peel in the glass and pour in the shaken or stirred […]


I love anything that brings an experience from far away or super fancy, into my own refrigerator or pantry. So even if I thought I wasn’t a Bellini drinker (peach puree with prosecco, invented by Giuseppi Cipriani at Harry’s Bar in Venice), when I spotted these Cipriani Bellinis in a can, I knew I had […]


We’re kind if in a drink rut at our house–meaning, we don’t really experiment as much as would be fun to do. But in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living, there are four easy cocktails to make, and one of them, the Chili and Cucumber Margarita, is so crazy good, I have to put […]


Over spring break I found myself with time to study the cocktail menu at the hotel I was staying at, and discovered these delicious Luxardo maraschino cherries, imported from Italy, which are apparently, the originals. Well, at least that’s what it says on the label. Original or not, they were delicious, and the packaging is […]


We’re big Lillet fans in the summertime—it has that kind of citrus-y freshness that is perfect when it’s hot (although it can sneak up on you like sangria, so don’t slurp it down too fast!) Last weekend we stumbled upon this variation of the traditional Lillet drink (soda water, orange wedges), because we didn’t have […]


Now that the swampy, soupy weather has officially arrived, it’s time to share a few heartfelt words about something near and dear to our hearts: the evening drink. When we got married, someone gave us one of those full-on Pottery Barn cocktail kits, the ones that come with the ten-gallon martini glasses and silver-plated shaker, […]

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