xmas tree

From the Momfilter Archives  Dear Husband, You are a wonderful man in so many ways—a loyal companion, a strong and loving father, a hard worker and provider—and for that I am grateful. But I can no longer make excuses for you in one area: Christmas gifts. I understand that you are busy. I, too, am […]


From the Momfilter Archives  We are crazy about a town that takes Christmas–and it’s children’s Santa wishes–seriously. This mailbox, which is set up on a main street in Long Island, New York, is something my kids look forward to every year. It seems like such a simple thing to do. I only wish there were […]

sam letter

From the Momfilter Archives  Our friend Rebecca in Richmond, Virginia sent us through this email, and we had to share it with you, as many of us are hitting the time when our kids might be questioning Santa, and the role we parents play in Christmas. “Catherine innocently picked up Judy Blume’s Superfudge to read […]


I swear I will not let the holiday season take me down this year.  Each year, I have every intention of slowing down, planning ahead, and taking time for myself……and every year, I whiff that plan and end up having a meltdown in some inappropriate place and soothing my soul with Doritos. At this time […]


Every winter, my little corner of the Hudson Valley goes all out for Sinterklaas, a nod to our area’s Dutch heritage. This year the celebration kicks off with Sinterklaas Arrival Day on November 30 in Kingston and culminates with a full day of festivities on December 7 in Rhinebeck. For festival day, think plenty of […]

holiday binder

Despite my chips-stealing incident (posted on Momfilter last week), I feel like I’ve gained a little more mastery of my holiday season due to one simple tool:  my Holiday Binder.  My Binder Full of Christmas, if you will. It’s a 3-ring binder full of folders and page protectors into which I stuff my son’s Christmas […]


Visiting Santa Claus is one of those memories from childhood that never lost any of its magical glow; even as I learned the truth about that fabled man who flew with reindeers. Every year on one lucky December day, my mom would allow my two sisters and me to miss school for our trip to […]

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