From the Momfilter Archives  Before we could even make it downstairs, my five-year-old son had already torn into his big gift—the “Black Pearl” Lego set— like a raccoon, and had started assembling “guys” from packages number 3 and 5. Anybody who has every built a lego set understands a not-even-anal parent’s horror at the opening […]

xmas coffee cake

Every year our friend Stephen makes this Christmas Coffee Cake from the Silver Palate Cookbook for the holidays, and it has to be the best coffee cake I’ve had. Here’s the recipe: Adapted from Lukins and Rosso, “The Silver Palate” 16 tablespoons (2 sticks) unsalted butter 2 3/4 cups granulated sugar 2 eggs, beaten 2 […]

xmas tree

Christmas makes people do some crazy sh*t. Mostly women – because, for some reason, the bulk of the gift buying, gift wrapping, gift sending, party planning, holiday card creating/sending, menu planning, calendar management, wardrobe procuring, costume sewing and relative-pleasing is done by the woman of the family. And so it’s no wonder that I walked […]


What happens if you buy a shop where you’ve long been the manager (as my friend did—Essentials, in Northampton, Massachusetts) and Tony DiTerlizzi(of Spiderwick and Wondla and Alien and Possum fame) frequents it? You might just end up with a window that looks… like Woodlandia. And here you can read and see how Tony made the magic. […]


We never get tired of looking at these letters to Santa…and actually, we love looking at other kids’ even more than at our own. One favorite list we heard of this year was a 7 year old’s that had only two things on it: silly putty and blocks of soap to learn how to carve. […]

apple tree kit

I know, it’s the time of year you’re thinking about a different kind of tree than one that bears apples, but come on, how sweet is this apple tree kit, called “An Apple Tree to Be Kit“. It includes everything you need to grow an apple tree, except for patience, which you will need to […]


We found out about Emily Thompson Flowers when we did a story on her wreaths in Martha Stewart Living for this December’s issue, and we met her in person when she was selling them at the Martha Stewart American Made Workshop at Grand Central. Emily is an amazing artist, and last year she did the […]

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