family art time 1

Over the weekend we visited with friends who have a whole art “kit” that they bring out, often after lunch, for anyone to participate in: some gouache paint, brushes, and watercolor paper in both postcard and 5×7 size. Since they have a “no screens on weekends in the country” rule, this becomes an activity that […]


A friend of mine sent my boys these beautiful colored pencils from Venice. They are made by Fabriano, the famous Italian art supply company. They are the perfect size and shape–a bit chubby and three-sided, which makes it easy for little hands to do the tripod grip. And look at those colors! I have no […]


I picked up one of these flat roundish erasers from a nice art supply store recently for my 7-year-old, who has just gotten into shading. The irregular shape makes it easy to grip and control and the sharp edge gives budding artists the ability control contrast and highlights. It can be frustrating for an artist […]

Back Camera

My son Henry has been passionate about drawing since he was little. In response to his desire to “make it look real,” both my husband and I (former art students) have taught him how to look closely, to “draw what you see,” to shade, etc. Last summer he spent a lot of time mastering cross-hatching, […]

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