I’m either hauling around a giant satchel filled with books, everyone in the family’s eyeglasses and every school form I never filled out, or conversely, stuffing my wallet into a little purse it barely fits into. Still, I didn’t even think I needed another bag, until my friend Lizzy got me this clutch for my birthday (in […]

original fannypack

On a recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg, we spotted this sweet little bag, which is apparently called a “primitive pocket”. We loved the fabric on them, but also just the idea of how they could function as a much cooler fanny pack than the kind with snap-ons…which are a great idea, but mostly hideous…because what […]

clarity bag

A girlfriend of mine was appalled when she saw me all “fashionista-ed out ” and I pulled out a sadly worn plastic bag filled with my kids’ Epi pens and Benedryl for their nut allergy! She immediately referred me to to rescue me, where I found the chicest bags in gorgeous colors, and bought this one […]


Yesterday I met up with some friends at the park, and one of them had this great bag from Brooklyn Industries. I loved the color combo of gray and the neon pink shoulder straps. She said she’s super hard on all of her bags, and this one has held up really well…it even looks better […]

zara bag

We saw our friend Jessica with this bag last week…and both stopped her as she was walking by to ask her about the bag. We couldn’t believe it when she told us it was from Zara. It’s leather, $149, and it also comes in a nice shade of brown. However, I think it’s limited to being a work […]

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