Our friend Chad just bought these adorable Flex Lite Chairs which I just found for $69. While not exactly cheap, they are really well-made, and seem like they won’t have to be replaced—like so many other spectator chairs after a season. They are perfect for kids’ sporting events that don’t have any bleachers, ie., all soccer games […]


I’ve always dreamed of spending a night in a teepee, so it was that when I found a last-minute opening at the Red Cone Retreat over the fourth of July, I jumped at the opportunity. It was an easy day trip (about four hours’ drive) from Vail, where we were be spending the weekend with […]


Both Clara and I must have super-delicious skin, because we get bitten no matter where we are. We’re talking mosquitoes, gnats, and horseflies. I’ve tried preventative measures, like citronella candles and all kinds of natural sprays, but they never seem to work. Besides, I don’t like the smell of so many of these lotions and […]

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