Whoops, we went the whole summer season without talking about bug spray or bug bite salves. Well, for next summer, or your next adventure outdoors where you know there will be plenty of mosquitos, check out this Malin+Goetz bug spray. Our friends Steve and Chad had us over, and we were outside at the mosquito […]


We’ve tried everything…to keep the mosquitos away, and then to keep us from itching the bites, because nothing actually worked to keep them away. When we visited Maine earlier this summer, we stopped by the Avena Botanical Gardens, which is such an amazing biodynamic herbal farm. We picked up some Buzz-B-Gone, which is an oil […]


Both Clara and I must have super-delicious skin, because we get bitten no matter where we are. We’re talking mosquitoes, gnats, and horseflies. I’ve tried preventative measures, like citronella candles and all kinds of natural sprays, but they never seem to work. Besides, I don’t like the smell of so many of these lotions and […]


Okay, the name is a little wierd (EmuGency First Aid Stick), but it’s the all-purpose balm that we always keep on hand. Made from emu oil, it and can be used on kids and grownups for chapped lips or skin, bug bites, rashes, and burns.

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