Last weekend, I hosted eight 5th grade girls for a slumber party to celebrate my daughter Belle turning the big 11. This was not our first rodeo—last year Belle had her first birthday slumber party and what I’ve learned thus far from both experiences is the following: -No matter what you do, the girls will […]

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For my daughter Penelope’s 7th birthday she chose a French theme. For decorations, we painted long strips of paper blue, white and red and made French flag banners. We also made little French flag tooth picks for the cupcakes and ham and cheese baguettes. We served French fries and lemonade with the baguettes.  Every girl received […]


The day before my son’s seventh birthday, I decided to throw together a small scavenger hunt so we could celebrate as a family. (The next day, I knew, would be a volcanic blur of chaos with his friends.) I made five clues that I planted around our neighborhood–one to a beloved neighbor in our building; […]


Reader Kelly Deignan from St. Paul, MN emailed us about a recent birthday party she threw—it’s fantastic! Thank you Kelly, and Momfilter readers, if you want to share a birthday party with us, just email us on info@momfilter.com. “For my daughter, Penelope’s sixth birthday, she wanted an Indian themed party. She invited her classmates and a few […]


For my nephew’s recent 4th birthday party, my brother- and sister-in-law had the genius idea of creating a table of grab-and-go superhero disguises. They made masks and capes out of felt and scrap fabric with elastic bands and simple velcro tab closures. They kids whizzed around in varying states of adorable disguise.


We particularly like the looks of this one. I was once at a toddler party where a parent was aghast that beer and wine were served. As a host, I think it’s about the nicest thing you could do for a group of parents who don’t know each other and have to make awkward small […]


Our friend Jodi Sweetbaum has twins, one with celiac and one without. She sent us in this idea for a gluten-free kids birthday party. “Have a chocolate fountain (30 bucks on Amazon) with gluten free pretzels, strawberries, bananas etc. At the birthday party we had a cake for the non-celiac kid, and no one ate […]


Robert Moy is a Brooklyn-based dad who started the Brooklyn Balloon Company after his friends and family encouraged him to take his hobby to the next level. His strong background in design and fashion are very apparent when you check out his creations.


Our friend Sue who lives in Brooklyn sent us in the birthday party she threw for her daughter Lutece’s 8th birthday. We love it! “Lutece is obsessed with Narnia so we threw a “Search for the Lost Land of Lutecia” treasure hunt party. I painted an invite that said “If you’ve received this invite you are suspected to […]


Every year, come May and June, I ask myself an unsettling question: What the heck am I going to do for my sons’ birthday parties this year? And every year, I come up with an initial fantasy that immediately gets shot to hell. This year it was this:  an elegant, dress-up dinner party for Owen […]

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