At a birthday party my son attended, the mom served vegetables in such a cute and clever way: she put a slice of carrot, celery, and red pepper into a small clear plastic cup that had a dollop of salad dressing at the bottom. (Hummus would work, too.) Mess-free, easy to serve, and laid out […]


The day before my son’s seventh birthday, I decided to throw together a small scavenger hunt so we could celebrate as a family. (The next day, I knew, would be a volcanic blur of chaos with his friends.) I made five clues that I planted around our neighborhood–one to a beloved neighbor in our building; […]


Reader Kelly Deignan from St. Paul, MN emailed us about a recent birthday party she threw—it’s fantastic! Thank you Kelly, and Momfilter readers, if you want to share a birthday party with us, just email us on “For my daughter, Penelope’s sixth birthday, she wanted an Indian themed party. She invited her classmates and a few […]


Our friend Sue who lives in Brooklyn sent us in the birthday party she threw for her daughter Lutece’s 8th birthday. We love it! “Lutece is obsessed with Narnia so we threw a “Search for the Lost Land of Lutecia” treasure hunt party. I painted an invite that said “If you’ve received this invite you are suspected to […]


Charlie celebrated her birthday this weekend with friends, and a month early. She wanted to have a surprise party this year and as the next several weeks were quite full for us and our friends, we decided to surprise her in July, instead of August. Two birthdays seem right up her alley anyways, and I love her so much I’d give […]


We love the Snow White direction that Hannah Alexander went with for her daughter Enid’s third birthday. The dress was actually one that her mom had made for Hannah when she was a little girl, and while she wasn’t successful in getting Enid to wear it for Halloween, it worked for the birthday. Hannah herself […]


There’s a great soccer store in Brooklyn called Upper 90, which, in addition to carrying great shoes and international gear you can’t find anywhere else, has a half-size indoor soccer field for clinics and birthday parties. We went to our son’s best friend’s 9th birthday party there last weekend and were so impressed by the […]


Last winter we went to Nico’s 2nd birthday party, and loved the rocket theme. It’s an easy DIY decor/activity indoor birthday party for the toddler set. We asked his dad Gregg to give us the scoop: “You know what’s funny? He wasn’t really that into rockets necessarily. But he liked them and we figured it […]

amie opener

Amie Jones from Salt Lake City sent us in a couple of birthday cakes she made. We loved her creativity and drive. Here’s what she had to say about them: “I have an obsession with seeing how far I can push my cake skills for my kids’ birthdays.  Which mostly involves me thinking of an idea […]

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