We particularly like the looks of this one. I was once at a toddler party where a parent was aghast that beer and wine were served. As a host, I think it’s about the nicest thing you could do for a group of parents who don’t know each other and have to make awkward small […]


My son went to a birthday party the other day and we were both blown away by these amazing “sushi cupcakes.” When I asked the mom about her works of art she said, “This is the only thing I do right,” with a laugh. Though I find that hard to believe (she seems like a […]


My boys were born at the end of October so we have had plenty of Halloween inspired birthday parties. These cupcakes impress young guests and they are quite fun to make. The decoration is way easier than it looks: The white frosting is made with a box of confectioners sugar and 5-8 tablespoons of milk. […]


I wish I were one of those moms with a well-stocked gift closet. Occasionally I chance on a great (read: cheap) gift idea that I’ll buy in bulk, but I almost never have good gift-wrapping paper–the last roll I picked up last-minute was a fluorescent paisley number that’s gender-inappropriate, ugly and  doesn’t ever seem to […]


Our friend Cory tore this image out of the New York Times Magazine before her son was even born and decided to replicate this birthday ritual. Whether or not you are someone who remembers to print out your digital photos, or even has a single photo album to speak of, this is something you could […]

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