Thought I would pass along this tip for a transitional bathtub—a plastic storage bin is the perfect size for a one year old. You will use less water, they are contained and less likely to slide all over the place. Of course do not leave them unattended! This is a photo of Dexter at 13 months! He’s seven […]


Years ago when I was assisting on an advertising photo shoot  I worked on a job for a bubble bath product. Three assistants were charged with creating a big bubbly bath without using anything other than what a typical home would have on hand in their bathroom and the suggested amount of the soapy product. […]

korean bath towels

If you’ve ever been to a Korean bath/sauna/spa and had a body scrub you’ll never forget the amazing amounts of dirt and grey rolls of dead skin that came off your body. The secret is the Korean Italy bath towel. You soak your body in water and, without soap, start to rub the towel/mitt over […]


Our friend Jen sent us this tip on baby Q-tips… “I used to have my Danish friends bring me baby Q-tips from Denmark—my kids both had a lot of ear wax as babies and regular Q-tips made me nervous. They had these ones you could only find in Denmark that were shaped differently so they […]


We love Tinti, the all natural bath line for kids. You drop these chemical-free tablets, which are made from blossoms, roots, and fruit,  into the tub, and they turn the water pink, blue, or yellow. Unfortunately, they are only available in the U.K. at the moment, which means expensive shipping costs, though it’s  only a […]

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