kona bike

My kids go to a public school in Brooklyn that is a bit out of our neighborhood. It is roughly a twenty minute walk depending on the focus and energy level of my six year old boys. The other options are the public bus (slow) or driving (parking nightmare). A few years ago my husband […]


I first learned about these Blackwing pencils when I started to research pencil sharpeners—but that’s another post! I didn’t know until then that there are many people who are very particular about the quality of their pencil. The Blackwing has its roots in Eberhard Faber—it was introduced in the 1930’s and favored by writers, musicians and […]

band reminder

We are working on independence at our house. At 10 years old, I shouldn’t be packing my son’s backpack for him in the morning. Nor should I have to hover over him while he ties his shoes, assaulting him with a long list of “don’t forgets.”   “Don’t forget your glasses!” “Don’t forget your math worksheet!” […]

clara striped bean

This striped shirt from LL Bean is one of my favorite things. I’ve had mine for about 10 years (the white with navy stripes) and my daughter just got a used one in blue with red stripes at a Salvation Army in Maine.  Sadly they aren’t producing it for kids right now, so if you […]

old navy jeans

Jenny from Dinner a Love Story called on us in her hour of need: “Picky eating I can handle — picky dressing is another thing altogether. Can anyone suggest good sources/brands for girls’ clothes that are not overly girly? Dealbreakers: ruffles, pleats, any kind of decorative trim, button-downs, high price tags. (Momfilter – why oh why […]

j crew jean

I love skinny jeans on little boys as much as the next mom, but there’s something classically kid, in my mind, about going with a slightly wider leg and a looser fit. I especially like the idea of my 4 year old beating up a pair of carpenter or painter’s pants. These “shop pants” from […]

1st day

We figured, as much as we want to suspend the start of school (more for us, because it means summer is over, for us–we’re actually started getting excited for them to go back to school around mid-August), we can’t ignore it anymore. So here’s our list of some great posts we’ve found, that we’ll be […]

jon maksik portrait

I recently asked Jon Maksik, who spent an entire career working with teens, to write a piece for Momfilter about why, as he once had told me, he preferred the company of adolescents to grownups. (Full disclosure, I  was once a 17-year-old beneficiary of Jon’s supreme insight and good counsel. That we are close friends […]

ugg boot

Honestly, I’m not an Ugg fan. Yes, I have a pair of the classic boot, which I wear all winter long and feel a little like Goldie Hawn caught by the paparazzi in a Malibu grocery store. But look at these super cute desert boots they make for kids! They’re so perfect, and they should […]

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