We love the toddler edible art supplies from Wee Can Too,that are completely safe if ingested, as they are made from organic fruit and vegetable powders. They make finger paints, crayons, sculpting dough, and sidewalk chalk. Since we have a 10 year old, we have passed everything but the chalk to the toddlers in my brother’s […]


If you’re anywhere near NYC before the middle of June, do yourself (and your kids) a favor, and take them to the Tom Sachs Mars show at the Armory. It’s fantastical and unbelievable and you just have to make yourself go, and you’ll be so glad you did. Check out the program to see what […]


Our friend Alix sent us this link to the artist Yayoi Kusama, whose show in London starts today at the Tate. It’s so cool that she does installations where kids get to come and put stickers all over white rooms like this: Even though it’s unlikely that any of us are going to be in […]


A bead loom is one of my favorite presents to give kids ages 6 or 7 and up. You can find them for around $10, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the birthday girl (or boy) doesn’t already have one. It’s also something good to have around the house as an indoor activity for cold […]

art opener

Every parent knows and loves art workbooks; they’re sometimes the only nonscreen ways to keep the kids occupied long enough for us to complete a monumental task (like, you know, cooking dinner). And there are a lot of perfectly good ones to choose from, but as with kids’ nonfiction, beyond certain obvious distinctions—Pixar or Dreamworks […]

suede notebook open

We’ve had this suede sketchbook for at least four years now, and still use it on every trip. It’s a way for us to note (and sometimes recreate in a sketch) the most interesting things we see during the day. It’s such nice quality, so it also makes for a great gift.

The more outlandish the better!

Our babysitter does these Franken-drawings with my kids. You fold the paper in thirds and one person draws the head and feet and the other person draws the mid-section of body. The idea is that neither sees what the other has drawn, other than the bit that connects one section to the next. The result […]


Our friend Jen Wink is a graphic designer and one of the most creative people we know. And not just creative in a way that would be impossible for non-artists to copy; she has a way seeing everyday objects in a new light (we’ll show you how she can transform an indoor space with a […]

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