cheese fruit board

Our friend Liana has such an eye. We love the way she casually put this cheese and fruit board together. The strawberries were the real surprise here–and also, how they were as equally important as the cheese. So often fruit is just put out at the end of the meal, unless it’s a carrier (apple […]

venice cheese

I have so much honey and jam in our pantry (can’t help myself from buying it whenever we are traveling), and because we are a savory breakfast family–we end up not using it. While walking around Venice over spring break, we spotted a wine bar that had a huge selection of cheeses that they served […]

cucumber snack

We are always trying to find variations on the no-carb snack or appetizer–because I’m gluten intolerant, and my husband tries to stay away from carbs. Now our friends have become quite good at figuring out ways around it–from really good GF crackers to interesting ways to treat veg. Our friend Lisa served these cucumber slices […]


Our friend Stephen came up with this brilliant snack the other day. It is a purely Parmesan “cracker”. All you do is coarsely grate Parmesan onto a hot Krups panini grill. As soon as the cheese melts, unplug the grill. After it cools off a bit lift it off carefully and place on paper towel. […]


I may be gluten intolerant, but I’m also intolerant to buying too many gluten free products, because I usualy find them to be too expensive, and not all that great. So when I do find something that is actually worth it (read: even the gluten lovers like it so nobody is compromising), I get very […]

meat board

We just had a fantastic ham and cheeseboard plate at a restaurant in Virginia called the Sam Snead Tavern, part of the lovely Homestead Resort. It had some nice cheeses and Virginia ham, but what was really special was how they served apple butter with it, which they suggested putting on the ham. (We also dipped […]


When it comes to having people over, it’s easy to get into a rut of serving the same cheese plate, or whatever it is that you’re into. Personally, I’m perplexed just by what cheese should go together. But this antipasti plate, served by my friend Liana’s mom, is a thing of beauty. She takes a […]


Ages ago my husband and I were in Lebanon, and everywhere we went, the bar snack was a bowl of carrots bathed in lemon juice. This summer we have been trying to steer clear of all the usual chips/nuts/cheese, and have introduced the “Lebanese carrots” into our pre-dinner routine. Even when we have friends over, […]


We had people coming over the other night for drinks and snacks on short notice and I didn’t have anything planned. I happened to have some puff pastry in the refrigerator, which I quickly rolled out into a rectangle (the idea was to have crispy sides), baked for a few minutes, and then topped with […]

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