olivia polaroid

One of our friends, a Momfilter contributor, ran into another friend of ours, the prop stylist Olivia Sammons, at drop-off last week. Check out this clever idea she had: “Cy (my middle son, age 5) started Kindergarden yesterday. He was a little nervous and I had the idea to take a Polaroid of us together […]

to do list

Are you overwhelmed? If you answered no,  I’d like your number so I can call you in the middle of the night when I can’t find a pen in my dark bathroom where I need to write down all the to-do list items that have reproduced in my head like a family of baby bunnies.  […]


The soursop might just be the best tasting fruit we’ve ever had–super sweet, amazing texture…but apparently the leaves when made into a tea are a real miracle. At least this is what they say in Antigua, where we just learned about them. Apparently they just boil the leaves in water and make a tea, and […]

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