Whoops, we went the whole summer season without talking about bug spray or bug bite salves. Well, for next summer, or your next adventure outdoors where you know there will be plenty of mosquitos, check out this Malin+Goetz bug spray. Our friends Steve and Chad had us over, and we were outside at the mosquito […]


We just saw one of these Max Wellness kiosks in the Tulsa airport…and our jaws dropped. Seriously, whoever owns a mall out there, or an amusement park, or works for the parks and recreation department, or…well, you get the point. Can you imagine if you could grab some anti-bruise ointment or deodorant or homeopathic anti-stress […]


When we were in Santa Barbara last spring, we met this lovely farmer from Idyll Horse Farm at the farmer’s market. Besides having rose, jasmine, and lavender sprays that we couldn’t get enough of, she had this Blemish Blend that she said worked well on canker sores. We bought some, and for us, it sure […]


I gave birth to my first child in Switzerland, where healthcare is a lot like Obamacare. It was a midwife-attended hospital birth and nothing like the scary depictions of US hospital births I saw in the documentaries I watched while I was pregnant. The hospital welcomed my doula and as my labor passed the 12 […]


We’ve tried everything…to keep the mosquitos away, and then to keep us from itching the bites, because nothing actually worked to keep them away. When we visited Maine earlier this summer, we stopped by the Avena Botanical Gardens, which is such an amazing biodynamic herbal farm. We picked up some Buzz-B-Gone, which is an oil […]


I would say it’s been at least two years now that our daughter will get strep around every other month. We’re so used to it, that she can tell if her throat feels “streppy”, and I can usually tell just by the way her voice sounds. We’ve tried everything–from seeking out the “only sold in […]


A couple of weeks ago my daughter was swinging fast and hard on the monkey bars. It was hot, and she was sweaty, and then the inevitable—a hard fall, first landing on her butt, and then forward onto her forehead. I was really worried after she kept complaining about how much her head hurt, and […]

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