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I have a lot of summer dresses that I can’t bear to get rid of, from my pre-mom days. They’re loose dresses, so it isn’t a matter of them not fitting, it’s just that they’re too short for my lifestyle now—all the bending over and picking up I have to do in life with an 8 year old. So a couple of weeks ago when I saw our friend Stephanie, the mother of 7 year old twins, wearing this adorable short dress, I was both jealous and surprised. But she immediately lifted up her dress to share her secret with me—she had on white short-ish shorts underneath. They were the key to the whole outfit. I am so going to copy her all summer–I’ll be able to have a new look with only buying a pair (or two–because with a dark dress, I’d wear dark shorts). I just found some good short cotton ones from J. Crew.


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  1. Genius. This post is an excellent example of how momfilter shares great ideas of how Real moms easily solve the nettlesome little problems of how to be active and yet chic. I’m going to rock my shorts under the dresses this summer too!

  2. Posted by: B and V

    This could solve a real problem for me since the coolest dresses seem to be too short these days. My 6 foot figure doesn’t help either.
    So where can I get her tunic? Love it….

  3. Posted by: lori ross

    Check out thigh society. com. they sell these awesome shorts that are so light and comfy, like bike shorts but totally perfect-fitting, wash beautifully and are made so u could even wear them sans underwear. awesome product that comes in white, cream and black. and no, not my company, just a happy client. :-)

  4. Posted by: Meg

    I DO THE SAME THING. Have been doing it for years, even pre-babies, because I’m so tall that short dresses fit me more like tunics. Although I wear Yoga style “spandexy” shorts. This also solves the see-thru-dress-while-in-bright-light-problem. Love ur cute dress in the pic btw:)

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