My husband brought these suede and leather lace-up boots home for me about 4 years ago.  I was more than a little surprised to find out that You by Crocs made them!  After a short-lived moment of label snobbery (couldn’t get brightly-colored, plastic children shoes out of my head), I Scotchgarded them and have worn them throughout every snowy, slushy, frigid New York winter since.  I get more compliments on these boots from friends and strangers than on any other item I own.  I like that they have more structure and have a sleeker silhouette than the Ugg.  While still casual and super comfortable, they seem a little more sophisticated and a little less dorm-roomy than their slouchy brethren.  Since so many people have asked me about these boots over the years (Crocs doesn’t seem to make them anymore), and so many of my friends love how warm their Uggs are but don’t love how they look, I decided to see what else was out there.  While I didn’t find the exact boot that I have, here are some alternatives for when you want to feel like you’re wearing slippers but don’t really want to look like it.

The Bean Boots by L.L.Bean. These are water-proof leather and have more structure than a suede boot, but if you keep the laces loosely double-knotted, you can use them as a slip-on.  The shearling lining kicks up the cozy factor.  They have a nice shape and are $150–a good deal since they double as a rain boot and you’re getting L.L. Bean’s insane customer service and satisfaction policy.

The Quoddy double-ring boots in suede.  These probably have similar feel to the Ugg but the stitching and the rings break up the plane and won’t give you  Flintstone feet. They’re $400, which, honestly, is more than I ideally want to spend on a kick-around shoe.  But, they’re handmade in Maine and I don’t think I would get sick of them.  I could see my daughter wearing these in 2020.  I think that the quality and the price per wear might justify the cost.


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  1. Posted by: Amy

    I wear suede ballet flats by Land’s End but we don’t get a lot of heavy snow in GA!

  2. Posted by: Slim Paley

    Ahhh….The Endless Ugg Dilemma… Every season I vow to throw out my Uggs, at least my most unsightly ones (I collect them as others proudly collect Birkins) but can never quite bring myself to make the toss. Much like vowing to not wear flannel jammies so much & always take my mascara off before bed, Real Life wins over Best Intentions more often than not. My Uggs remain my most comfortable & trusted ‘running out the door’ choice. But maybe next season…

  3. I love those croc boots! I wear the mount holly duck boot from (currently on sale for $139.99!). I have one pair in black and one in white and, like your post, keep them slightly untied so I can slip them on and off. They’re a little more rugged so I like to wear them with something girly on top to keep the look edgy.

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