Glenn O’Brien’s bio is an impressive and lengthy one. He’s a writer, editor, and creative director, and has contributed to pretty much every magazine that counts (Interview, Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Esquire to name a few). Glenn has had a TV show, produced music and made movies. I read his GQ column “The Style Guy” faithfully each month and his book How To Be A Man is kept bedside for evening affirmations. With Father’s Day approaching I thought I’d ask him how the day unfolds for him, and a few questions on fatherhood.

How does the ideal Father’s Day unfold for you?

My youngest son remembers it’s Father’s Day and my older son calls me and I don’t have to do the dishes.

How old are your sons?

Eleven and shockingly old.

As the GQ Style Guy, what crucial tips can you dispense to dads…and/or what can/should dads hand down to their children ?

A fortune is ideal.  Real estate and art.

What do you see as the modern heirloom?

Same as the old ones.  Watch, cufflinks, etc.. I wear my grandpa’s cufflinks.

How do you nurture your son’s personal style?

You can only do it by example, but it actually seems to be innate. My son Oscar has great taste.  My older son Terence spent a lot of time in New England so….

What are manner musts for your son (and all kids for that matter)?

Don’t interrupt and tell the truth.

What would you say is your favorite weekend father/son activity?

I like hiking.  Terence likes watching baseball.  Oscar is always trying to get me to fight him in Call of Duty.

Is there a favorite Father’s Day gift to date?

I’m still waiting for a Citroen DS.

Dadfilter is a new weekly column, which appears on Mondays, written by Matthew Hranek. He’s the author of the blog The William Brown Project, and a contributor to


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