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Skip Brooks, father of Alex and Avery, is the founder and editor of the menswear blog Alexander Grant, self-described as “preppy, quirky, daddy.” We love his style, as seen in the above photograph. And we love his secret identity, as seen below. His post about said secret identity is so good, we think it’s kind of the best way to kick off our interview with him: “Whether its a big case or an important interview, I love wearing this Spiderman T-shirt under my suit. It gives me the extra confidence that only comes from secretly knowing that you’re the coolest guy in the room…Just make sure you’re not wearing a white button down shirt or your secret identity might be unexpectedly revealed.”

Is there an effort to celebrate Father’s Day in some special way? Although they are young (3 and 2), my wife somehow gets the children to be enthusiastic about father’s day. It’s like a second birthday.

Do you have a favorite Father’s Day gift? My kids Alex & Avery.

What is your weekend dad style? My weekend dad style usually consist of polo shirts, jeans and a cap.

What is your favorite book to read your kids? Where The Wild Things Are. I’ve read it so many times that I know it by heart. In fact, I’ll call and recite the book over the phone if I can’t make their bedtime.

What would be a dad tip you would give to other dads? Fatherhood is not a spectator sport.  For the first few months of their lives, kid’s worlds revolve around mom (for many obvious reasons).  Make sure you don’t sit on the sidelines during their first few months because they are crucial to their development. I changed almost every diaper in the beginning as a way to bond with Alex and Avery. Besides giving mommy a break, it built a sense of trust and confidence that Daddy will always come and save the day.

Do you want your kids to follow in the family business or your chosen profession? I would love for them to go into law but I truly want them to explore other options. For me it was either doctor or lawyer but I want my kids to dream outside the box and exhaust all possibilities of their talents and hobbies as career choices .

What is you proudest moment (so far) being a dad? Coming home everyday to the “Daddy” chants.

Do you have an heirloom that you are looking forward to handing down? My Dustin Pedroia rookie card.


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