saltwater sandals

We’ve always loved the Saltwater sandal…but when we saw our friend’s daughter’s new two-toned ones at last week’s soccer game, we got really excited. After spending the last half hour (I’m serious) trying to find them online at the usual suspects (and not succeeding), I remembered that she said that one of our local stores sells them. Turns out they do, and you can buy them online. They have them in lots of combos. In all of this search, I did learn a couple of things–they are sized on the big size–so buy accordingly–lots of people commented that they took a size down for their kid. I also saw some in gold that I think are fantastic, and there’s a red, white and blue combo that is adorable.



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  1. Debating red or gold. But the two-tones, very handsome and adorable. I think I want to go for jazzy versus smart.

  2. Posted by: Andrea

    So cute!

    Also, I have a fashion Q — maybe you guys can help me out. We’re going to a family reunion which will involve a ton of walking in super hot weather (Florida in July, sob) and some time at the amusement parks (sobby sob sob).

    Do you have any advice on my best shoe option for me? Do I go with sneakers? Keens? Any other ideas? Some sort of summer clog?

  3. Posted by: Marianne

    I live in Florida (yippee), but a family reunion in July is tough. I’d go with the Keens. That’s what I wear. Comfortable, open but not so much that my feet get banged up. Sneakers are too closed up and hot and require socks which are just one extra thing to pack and then lose. You’ll have fun despite the heat.

  4. Posted by: Andrea

    Marianne, thanks (and I hope all is well where you are). I grew up spending my summer in Florida (no a/c in car or house, either!) but I have gotten soft since getting a/c where I am. Yes, Keens it is!

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