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When we  recently went to Playtime, the very cool children’s trade show that takes place in NYC twice a year, we were immediately drawn to Sally’s day-glo sandals, which, surprisingly, were from the Gap, which she wore with a simple yet flirty black jumpsuit. Unfortunately the sandals are no longer in stores, but will perhaps resurface on eBay? In addition to being super chic, Sally makes these amazing stuffed dogs under the name Friends and Co. You can find them on Etsy, or if you’re in the New York area, at Acorn or Bird in Brooklyn.

Tell us what you’re wearing, your approach to getting dressed, and did it change when you became a mom?

“The jumpsuit I’m wearing is Rachel Comey from a few seasons ago, Gap sandals. Pretty much epitomizes my style as a mom: onesies/jumpsuit – am always influenced by my surroundings…dark colors – turns out the white jeans purchased soon after my son was born weren’t so practical. Simple, functional and fast—does get repetitive as I tend to grab whatever is sticking out of my closet the most. Well, you could say it’s environmentally sound—I spend less time/money shopping so am digging around in my closet recycling my old favorites.

Come to think of it my style was mom-ish before becoming a mom… sometimes I have to check in to make sure I flip it a bit.”


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