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  1. Posted by: Michelle Chiaravalle

    Please provide more details about how to do this. Did he use regular thread or more like an embroidery floss? Did he do it on a regular sewing machine? Thanks!

  2. Posted by: gregg

    I did this. It’s funny to see it up here!
    What gave me the idea was a used clothing store in Berkeley called Slash that used to sell old levi’s and army pants and they patched up holes this way. The patches end up lasting longer than the pants! they are indestructible.
    basically, here’s how you do it:
    1. put a patch in the under side (denim is best, but just about any fabric will work).
    2. sew the crap out of it. I used my sewing machine and whatever thread is fine. just go back and forth a million times in every direction.
    *the key is to stop the rip from going any further, which is why you over-sew it so much, make sure you get some thread over every possible angle the rip could go.

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