old navy sandal

Our friend and colleague Tanya was wearing these cute sandals the other day. We couldn’t believe it when she told us they were from Old Navy. With all their discounts and codes, you can get them for around $20. Somehow when I get to Old Navy I make a beeline for the kids’ section, and then a beeline for the exit, without thinking about looking around for myself. Next time I’ll make sure to have a look around–this is the second time I’ve seen super cute shoes from there.


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  1. Posted by: Heija


    Definitely keep checking Old Navy. My alll time favorite evening blouse is an Old Navy find; a sheer black, silk chiffon, pleated tuxedo blouse with a mandarin collar. I have worn it a thousand times and live in fear of its demise. I continue to wear it, even though it is too big now, I just tie the self belt a little tighter. I keep Old Navy in business by making unintended purchases every time I search the aisles hoping to find my blouse or similar again.

    I love that stupid blouse. Can you tell?

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      oooh i think we need to see a picture of it! love the sound of this blouse.

  2. Posted by: Kristin

    I love these. I just ordered them on sale + coupon code from their site. I really love them with the ankle zip jean!

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