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Sure, they call them “slouchy canvas sneakers”, but these are definitely a very clever take on the French Bensimon sneakers (which cost way too much money for what they are—I think they’re in the $60 range). These cost around $18, and come in lots of great colors and patterns. You could argue that they won’t be as well made as the French sneaks, but I would say it doesn’t really matter, because 1. the authentic Bensimons aren’t made that well anyway, and 2. these should be a one season shoe. Frankly, after one season, regardless of if they are made in France or in China, they are going to be worn out and smelly. Much better to have an option like these that don’t break the bank. Unfortunately they don’t have them in kids’ sizes.


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  1. Posted by: Katherine

    I found the kids version that look exactly like these at buy buy baby yesterday..

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      that’s so cool thanks for telling us katherine! i couldn’t find them online but will have a look in the store.

  2. Posted by: Rachael

    Haha, I love this honest review, Yolanda. I agree that Bensimon’s are not that well made (“no arch support!” says the old lady in me) yet remain irresistible. Thanks for this find.

  3. Posted by: eleanor

    I actually just picked some up this morning – they do seem to run a bit small FYI. Bensimon sizing never worked out for me but these seem just fine – and I agree on the pricing. I wear orthotics in my shoes anyway, which will fit in these – arch support issue solved!

  4. Posted by: Amy

    Okay! Thank you! I have seen the Bensimons on other blogs and raved about, but when I got to the store to try on a pair, I was amazed at how poorly made they looked. I would rather buy these, because they are cute but not for the originals at $60.

  5. Posted by: Lena

    I am an idiot. I got my 4-year-old some slip on Bensimons on a flash site after she liked mine (really, I am an idiot) and they were crap. They would fly off her feet when she ran (which is pretty much her only movement these days) and I actually had to get the crappy lecture from preschool about her needing tennis shoes.
    I’ll probably get floral ON crappers for me and her and not care when they fly off our feet.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      Lena you’re so not alone–I have paid full price for the real ones for my daughter, only for her to outgrow them in a month. I only learned after the 2nd go around! …but for me the real killer is to pay so much for a pair of shoes that are practically as bad for your feet as flip flops are. When our doctor saw our daughter in them she said she hoped that we didn’t have her wear them regularly (well she also said that about Uggs) because there is no support. Somehow if I’m not paying that much, it bothers me less. If a pair of shoes is over $50 I expect a little more!

  6. Posted by: Mamacita

    I gotta be honest, the grommets are kinda killing it for me. Anybody know a good way to cover those up?

  7. Posted by: Sara

    I got a pair of these a couple years ago from ON on super clearance, and they have held up okay since then! I don’t wear them often, but they’ll do in a pinch, when I want an easy-on pair of sneakers for a quick trip. I have seen Bensimons around, and these seem practically the same.

  8. Posted by: Becka

    @Mamacita — you could add laces to help disguise the grommets. You could get some stretchy ones & do those knot thingies that keep you from ever having to tie/untie your shoes. Just an idea. 😉 I think it does take away from the look to have EMPTY grommets.

  9. Posted by: Audrey

    After wearing Bensimons for years, I was stunned to see that Old Navy had ripped off versions. They are made in China, so I am suspicious of the labor conditions. If I knew they were made ethically, I’d buy them. I can’t afford new Bensimons, but I wear holes in the soles because they are made in “Europe” which is pretty vague but I’m hoping that the labor conditions in their factory is ethical.

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