Leslie Astor is a Brooklyn-based artist and mother of three boys, Jake, 7, Charlie, 3, and Michael, 1. We love her unfussy chic look–a balance of bohemian and comfort that makes sense for her life of raising children and making art. We stopped Leslie on the street (literally) to snap her pic and ask her a few questions.

Tell us a little about your life: I try to balance raising the kids and taking care of things at home with having some kind of creative life outside of the house. To that end I have a small studio in Dumbo where I do a little painting and also make these sort of funny tote bags that I sell on Etsy and on the local craft fair circuit. I used to work in the non-profit arts sector, but these days I choose flexibility in my schedule over having a “real” job. I’m lucky that I’m able to make that choice.”

What’s your go-to uniform? I am very decidedly not a fashionista, but I do love a pair of good jeans and some nice brown leather boots in the winter. From now ’til it warms up I’ll be wearing layers because I’m always cold.

What are the clothing items you have in multiples? I have a closet full of brown and beige cardigans and lots of colorful scarves (to try and counter my tendency toward earth tone overload). I have a long sleeve American Apparel thermal henley in just about every color.

Any time for a beauty routine? Generally I try to make some effort not to look like I feel when I leave the house on any given day (meaning frazzled, rushed, usually a little sleep deprived) but I don’t have the time (or the desire, really) to look totally polished either. So I have a three minute make up routine and invest in a good haircut once every few months. Obviously, because I have three little kids, I just don’t have a lot of time in the morning to deal with my appearance, but its true that on those days that I take some care with my appearance, I go through the day feeling a little better about myself in general.


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  1. I hope I don’t sound overly sheltered, but I keep hearing about Dumbo – where (or what) is Dumbo? And do I need to go there?
    I totally dig this mom uniform. Right up my alley.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      Hi Kristin! Dumbo is a neighborhood in Brooklyn right under the Manhattan bridge. It stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge. It’s great for a half day trip. Maybe we should do a little Dumbo guide!

  2. Posted by: Erin

    Awesome! I’m so tickled that I bumped into this post about Leslie. Our children attend the same school, and I have always admired her “mom uniform.” She may not consider herself a quote-unquote fashionista, but she always looks pulled together in an enviably effortless way. :)

  3. Posted by: Lu

    Love Leslie’s bags that she makes and sells on Etsy!

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