My husband ordered an indigo dye kit so that he could transform a white denim coat that he found he never wore into a year-round staple. He turned his project into a Sunday afternoon activity for our daughter and her friend, who got to turn some old napkins and cut up t-shirts into head scarves. We made sure they were dressed in clothes that we didn’t care about, and that they wore plastic gloves.  Once he had the dye in the bucket, it seemed a waste not to do more, so we went around the house and gathered up anything that seemed like it would benefit from a change in hue. A shirt and a linen bed cover made it into the bucket, and they’re beautiful. Next time we are going to invite a bunch of friends and ask them to bring their dingy, unbleachable whites–who doesn’t have some old cloth dish clothes or pit-stained shirts?

The process is super easy: the dye goes into a bucket and sits in it for about an hour. You need a second bucket filled with water. Drop what you want to dye into the plain water bucket, then wring it out. Then put that into the dye bucket. Gently squeeze the water out, then hang it out to dry.


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