Lee Norwood

Lee is the head of the men’s design team at Rugby RL. He most definitely has great style, but more importantly, he’s a great dad.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Road trip!  We haven’t decided the destination this year.  Last year it was the Adirondacks, but with the newborn, probably a trip up to Mohonk for the day.

Do you have a favorite Father’s Day gift? My favorite gift in the last 2 years has been a hand-made picture frame from my 5 year-old.  The earliest one was when she was 3 1/2, and it’s really cool. It’s got every paper, fabric, sticker, she could find on it!  I know one day it will evolve into a frame from Pottery Barn; so these I’ll cherish for a while!

Do you cook with your kids and what are you favorite meals or dishes to have or make together? We do the same meal for Mother’s Day: my French toast and bacon from Nueske’s.

What is your weekend dad style? Consistently…chinos, tattered navy polo shirt, and my Nike Flywires (I’m getting older-and on the weekends I need my support!)

What is your favorite book to read your kids? Right now I need one that captures both my 5 year old and my 3 yr old, and I’d have to say the go to right now is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Michael Rosen

What would you say is your dad talent? Arts and Crafts by far.  I live in NYC in a rental, so I don’t do any yard work and the tool set gathers a lot of dust.

What would be a dad tip you would give to other dads? Stay off your phone on the weekends!

Do you want your kids to follow in the family business or your chosen profession? I think so.  My oldest daughter Hattie loves making things; and I think she’d be really good at at the “family biz.”

What was your first car and have you thought about what your kids first car would or should be? My first car was a brown Honda wagon….I won’t do that to Hattie.  I always liked the girls in college that rolled around in their parents old Volvo…They’re super safe, but really cool once you personalize them with your favorite band sticker…

What is your proudest moment (so far) being a dad? Watching my daughter in her first ballet recital.

Do you have an heirloom that you are looking forward to handing down? I have three girls, so no.  It will probably come from my wife’s side. But, Josie might be a candidate for my grandfathers old camping knife…she’s my little tom-boy and loves the outdoors!

(Top photo F. E. Castleberry)


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  1. Lee and I used to chat in the hallway at Ralph Lauren and talk about babies and parenting since I was pregnant at the same time his wife was with our first borns. It is great to see he is as excited about being a dad as he was five years ago. And he beat me with three, I stopped with two girls. My advice, buy a house upstate so you can dust off your tool box and your girls can run barefoot!

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