clarity bag

A girlfriend of mine was appalled when she saw me all “fashionista-ed out ” and I pulled out a sadly worn plastic bag filled with my kids’ Epi pens and Benedryl for their nut allergy! She immediately referred me to to rescue me, where I found the chicest bags in gorgeous colors, and bought this one for our allergy bag! It would probably serve the pouch better justice to put your favorite new lipstick or sunglasses or a kindle in them, but why not your kid’s binky, baby bottle or allergy medicine?!


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Comments (2)


  1. Posted by: Andrea

    This is good idea! Clear always looks so clean.

  2. Yes, it’s always nicer to carry emergency meds in a pretty bag! I carry my daughter’s EpiPens in a pretty little Lancôme makeup bag, but I love the flat design of this one. Looks like it would be smooth and unobtrusive inside a purse, and being clear, it would be easy for someone (other than yourself) to find in an emergency. I may have to invest in one of these soon!

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