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Chris Mitchell, the publisher of Conde Nast Traveler, lives in Brooklyn with his wife (Momfilter’s Pilar Guzman) and two boys, Henry, 7,  and Willem, 5. He looks great in a suit on weekdays, goes totally Bob Vila on weekends, and can make a mean gingerbread townhouse.

Is there an effort to celebrate Father’s Day in some special way? I’m gunning for breakfast in bed with my two boys.

Is there a paternal tradition or family ritual you carry out with your family? My brother and I have a standing Peter Luger reservation on my dad’s birthday. This year we let my 7-year old come along.That’s not a bad way for the guys to get together.

Do you have a favorite Father’s Day gift? My wife spearheaded buying me some really beautiful Ted Meuhling-designed highball glasses from Stueben last year. That’ll be tough to beat. I’d be thrilled with a chambray shirt from J.Crew this year.

Do you cook with your kids and what are your favorite meals or dishes to make together? I’m the king of flat foods at my house. Pancakes every weekend, and with my brother we can make a mean batch of pizzas.

What is your weekend dad style? Levi’s and Rod Lavers…that’s the constant.

What is your favorite book to read your kids? There is a series called The Great Brain that I remember as my favorites books as a kid. I just started reading them to my boys.

What would you say is your dad talent? I’m pretty good with simple carpentry. Birdhouses, lemonade stands, a fighter plane.

What would be a dad tip you would give to other dads? Start them on sushi before they think it’s a weird food.

Do you want your kids to follow in the family business or your chosen profession? Only if it makes them happy. I ended up following my dad into advertising, but I never would have thought so as a kid.

What was your first car and have you thought about what your kids’ first car would or should be? My first car was a manual transmission, manual steering, a.m. radio Dodge Omni hatchback. And it was the best car to beat up as a teenager. Their first car will be the NYC subway system and as many yellow cabs as they want to blow their allowance on.

What is you proudest moment (so far) being a dad? Seeing my older son’s drawing talent; seeing my younger son’s sense of humor.

Do you have an heirloom that you are looking forward to handing down? I have collected a couple vintage Rolexes with the intention of giving each son one when they turn 18.


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  1. Posted by: Yoli

    Wow what a sweet stylish Dad. Hope he and the rest of the Dads have a wonderful Father’s Day.

  2. Posted by: Juliette

    well done Chris, love your topic for father’s day.

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