Bill Powers lives in NYC, and is the father of two girls, Kit and Gigi. He’s a co-owner of the Lower East Side Half Gallery, a co-founder of online art gallery Exhibition A, and is a judge on Bravo’s show Work of Art. And to us at Momfilter, he’s our super cool friend who inspires us with his enthusiasm and fresh way of looking at pretty much, well, everything.

Is there an effort to celebrate Father’s Day in some special way? Wakeboarding in Montauk is my first choice.

Is there a paternal tradition or family ritual you carry out with your family? Just lame speaker phone “Happy Father’s Day” in unison call with kids to their grandpas.

Do you have a favorite Father’s Day gift? A 71′ Mercury Cougar which was a Father’s Day gift from a few years back. My wife got it for me.

Do you cook or go out to eat with your kids, and what are you favorite meals or dishes to have (or make) together? Lobster and fries at Gosman’s.

What is your weekend dad style? Barefoot and blazered.

What is your favorite book to read your kids? I started reading “Catcher in the Rye” to my 11 year old this winter but my wife said it was inappropriate.

What would you say is your dad talent? Strong powers of distraction.

What would be a dad tip you would give to other dads? Hot air ballooning at dawn in NJ (see image below).

Do you want your kids to follow in the family business or your chosen profession? Trying to convince one of the girls to follow in my wife’s footsteps. She’s way more successful than me.

What was your first car and have you thought about what your kids’ first car would or should be? I learned how to drive in an old Checker cab with jump seats and everything. Don’t care what my kids drive as long as they learn to stickshift.

What is your proudest moment (so far) being a dad? When my stepdaughter started calling me dad instead of “Billy”.

Do you have an heirloom (some object, artwork or watch) that you are looking forward to handing down? The rose colored glasses I wear were from my mom’s dad….different prescription but same tint.

(In front of wrapped Ai WeiWei heads outside The Plaza, wearing the silver shoes that are part of his uniform.)


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  1. Posted by: Maia

    Wonderful! Loving your father’s day surfeit of dad posts here! Thanks for focusing on the dads.

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