rory bass sandals

I remember summers by my sandals. 2003, when I started dating my now-husband: Teva flip flops. 2009, when I had my daughter? Worishofer 711‘s, since they were the only things I could sausage my blimpy feet into. And scattered into the other years, some Hoy Saltwaters and Sven clog sandals in enough styles and colors to bring me to the brink of divorce. This summer was actually the season of two pairs. Like everyone else who reads this site, I, too, got a pair of Birkenstock Gizehs. But then, about a month ago, I saw a woman at the coffee place wearing Bass Sunjun Joannes, and they practically put me in a summer time machine, sending me off to the summer between 5th and 6th grades, when all I wanted was a pair of Bass Sunjun Sharons–or, more to the point, a Sunjun Sharon tan on my feet, the way all the cool older girls at the Ferncroft pool did. So I hurried back to my desk, ordered on Zappos, and got them the very next day and have worn them every day since. (I also sent a pair to my little sister.) They’re more padded than the Gizehs, and have the ankle strap for more support (and less precarious running downstairs at the subway), and perhaps most important, let me finally enact those 5th grade poolside aspirations. So this summer and these sandals I will remember well, and I’m still working on the tan lines.


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  1. Posted by: Lisette

    This brought back memories! There was a Bass shoe store on the main street of my neighborhood and I remember the teenage daughter of my brother’s 5th grade teacher worked there with her perfectly bobbed hair, super cool freckles, long legs and array of Sharon sandals. How I envied her.

  2. Posted by: Rachael

    These look so temptingly soft and lofty. But tragically perhaps too practical for the husband’s approval. Where is the perfect balance between secret soft padding and the thin leather stamped cardboard that most companies offer.

    And now we need a Sandals of 2012 post!

  3. Posted by: Meagan w

    I agree, we need a sandals 2012 post. Which shoes are in the photo? I can’t find them via any of the links. Thanks!

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